Rubber tracks manufactured with Minitop private label

1995-2015: twenty years of planned quality

We met Giampiero Giacomino, founder and director of the company based in Bricherasio, to assess its achievements after two decades of activity. The result makes him proud. The future is yet to be written

Giampiero Giacomino, founder and director of Minitop, seems to consider the first 20 years of his company a detail.

Rather, it’s nice to look around and see how employees are all motivated, professionally (and  humanly) grown in a healthy and constructive working environment, and all involved in a common goal: that of a constantly growing company, not only in terms of turnover but also prestige. These are the things to celebrate. And to dispel any doubt about the pride for this two decades, Minitop introduced a new design both for its website and this event’s communication. “At the beginning of this adventure – states Giacomino – we tried to organize this company and make it as professional as possible, working very closely on product and working quality, because we operate in a market that often does not follow the rules. We structured our work step by step: today we successfully export our products across Europe, especially in France and Germany, as well as in Eastern Europe, but also in other non-European countries such as, for example, Africa, Turkey and partly in South America”. How is your commercial area structured today?

“Bricherasio hosts the sales office, where our technicians are daily in touch with Italy and abroad managing orders and shipments throughout Europe. As for other countries, we are working with sole authorized dealers to which we have full confidence. Our organization is able to ensure 24 hours delivery in Italy (48 hours in the rest of the world). There is also a warehouse with about 8,500 rubber tracks in stock for immediate delivery (390 sizes in production): we move approximately 200 containers a year.”

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