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High quality rubber tracks: our strong points

GRUPPO MINITOP is one of the largest suppliers of rubber tracks in Europe. Minitop tracks are realized with the highest quality standards and are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects.

1- Continuous steel cables

Steel cables have been developed to increase the strength and endurance of rubber tracks. The use of continuous steel cables increases the strength of the tracks by 40% over time, which considerably reduces the maintenance costs of your machines.

2- High quality raw material

MINITOP has always been committed to using only premium quality raw material to ensure an excellent product.

3- Rubber compound

Only the right percentage composition of the rubber type, added to special chemical components and implemented by correct vulcanisation, can guarantee quality products.

4- Product traceability

Through the serial number on each rubber track, we guarantee product traceability.

5- Identification

Our rubber tracks are easily recognisable by the Minitop logo.
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Different sizes for all manufacturers
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Daily shipments
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