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Frequently Asked Questions

All about rubber tracks and Minitop in 10 questions !

Here we have compiled answers to the most common questions asked by our customers and partners. We hope this will help you save precious time and get answers to all your questions about rubber tracks.

Quick access to the 10 most frequently asked questions

When choosing your rubber tracks, you need to take into account the model of your machine..
Don't hesitate to use our search engine to identify the track model recommended by your machine manufacturer.
We also invite you to pay close attention to the quality of the tracks.
There are a wide variety of qualities on the market. Many rubber tracks sold at low prices are not reinforced and end up costing a lot of money because their lifespan is so limited compared to the Minitop reinforced rubber tracks guaranteed for long-lasting use.
Each machine, depending on its make, model and chassis, is designed to operate with a specific size of rubber track.
To ensure that your machine is still using the track size recommended by the manufacturer, we recommend that you check the size engraved on your tracks before ordering.
Don't hesitate to use our search engine to identify the model of rubber track recommended by the manufacturer of your machine.
As soon as you notice abnormal stretching of your rubber tracks or that your mini excavator comes loose, We recommend that you replace the tracks. This will ensure that you don't damage your machine and that you don't have an excavator immobilised on a site because of a broken track.
Because nothing beats a video demonstration of a rubber track replacement on a mini excavator. for easy understanding, don't hesitate to consult our tutorial How to replace the rubber tracks?
Rubber tracks have no mounting direction strictly speaking with the exception of " deported " rubber tracks.
Offset tracks, found mainly on YANMAR mini excavators, have a guide track that is not in the centre of the width of the excavator but 1/3 of it.
If you have offset tracks, you need to pay attention to the mounting direction so that the widest offset of the track is on the right side.
Yes, on some machines but beware it's not always the case..
Not all machines can be converted from steel chains to rubber tracks and, above all, it is important to check the compatibility of your bearing components (lower rollers, upper rollers, sprockets and idler wheels) before making any changes..
We invite you to check the possibilities for your machine with your adviser before placing an order.
With more than 27 years of experience on the international market, Minitop rubber tracks have become a benchmark for construction dealers. As a specialists in the rubber track industry, we are constantly striving to improve and innovate our rubber tracks to keep pace with advances in machine technology.
Since its foundation, Minitop's head office has been located at Bricherasio, on the periphery of Turin in Piedmont in Italy. This central location in Europe is a key factor in Minitop's international development. From Turin, Minitop ships very quickly to all European countries: France, Germany, Spain, England, Norway, Finland and many more!
To ensure you are always satisfied, we work with you to choose the carrier best suited to your needs. Small orders are delivered by express courier within 48 hours in France, Germany, Spain and Belgium. For full lorry or container orders, the lead time is agreed with you according to your needs and your logistical possibilities. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need a specific timeframe and we'll let you know what's possible for your order.
Of course you can! We provide delivery of your new rubber tracks directly to your worksite so that your team can get back to work as quickly as possible. All you have to do is specify this when you place your order with your sales consultant indicating the precise address of the worksite and the contact person authorised to receive the tracks on site.
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