Rubber tracks manufactured with Minitop private label


Dedicated to distributors of public works equipment

Minitop is a reference for dealers in the construction industry.

From the production to the delivery each step directly involves Minitop's staff who, thanks to their experience and skills, are able to guarantee a highly professional product and service. Our optimised warehouses allow us to manage and allocate more than 400 different sizes of rubber tracks, which, thanks to a constant supply, guarantees the availability of several thousand rubber tracks ready to be delivered to any location in the world. Minitop logistics, through selected forwarding agents, is able to deliver to the consignee in the shortest possible time, thanks to the various options offered to the retailer.
For Minitop, the retailer is a partner of excellence to whom we offer a tailor-made product and range of services, and this accuracy is a fundamental principle for Minitop staff.
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For all professionals in the world of construction machinery

Minitop offers 100% personalized solutions for your activity!

Machine dealers

Within more than 25 years of business, Minitop has grappled with various developments of the rubber track that have shaped the earthmoving industry. This means that on a daily basis we manage order confirmations and deliveries, from a single rubber track to a 20" container with hundreds of references.

Retailers of spare parts

Minitop SRL supplies many retailers with spare parts for the maintenance and repair of mini excavators and loaders throughout Europe. Our logistic offer is perfectly adapted to retailer's order sizes, offering a continuously available stock in our depots.

Online merchants

Minitop is the ideal and reliable partner for dealers who sell rubber tracks through their e-commerce site, also because of the confidentiality of the processed data related to the recipients of the goods.
The ROL (Reseller On Line) service offers all the advantages required by dealers who wish to offer final users the purchase of items that they do not own, but which are made available to the public thanks to special agreements between dealers and manufacturers: the owner of such a store thus simply acts as an intermediary between the supplier and the consumer, without worries about sourcing and delivering the product.
This service is handled with anonymous shipping and packaging, enclosing the required retailer's shipping documentation, using express delivery.
Dozens of international online retailers entrust their business to Minitop every day, due to the high availability of the goods and the efficiency of the service.

Services dedicated to resellers

Designed by professionals for professionals, our specific services dedicated to rubber track dealers allow us to ensure you a high quality service perfectly adapted to your needs.


Minitop's sales consultants are trained to answer all your technical and commercial questions. They are able to formulate offers and standard or customised orders in the shortest possible time.
Our dealers are always followed by a dedicated Minitop reference sales person for direct communication and a perfect knowledge of your company.
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Thanks to the extranet portal of Minitop, you can always easily identify the rubber track model adapted to your machine, but also check stock availability rubber tracks and place your orders online.
The application catalogue has a new search engine to facilitate the correct selection of tracks in the case of models with different solutions.
The extranet portal also allows you to track your order history.


Each order shipped by Minitop follows a precise protocol that takes into account the commercial and logistical conditions with the retailer. Each dealer is considered on an individual basis. From the type of platform, to the packaging, the security seal or the 24, 48 or 72 hour shipping format, everything is 100% at the dealer's request. Minitop's internationally operating forwarding partners are regularly monitored to ensure agreed delivery conditions.

A team of professionals committed to providing the best service to our Customers.

The entire Minitop staff is oriented towards one and only mission: fulfilling your requests!

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