Rubber tracks manufactured with Minitop private label

Rubber tracks: is it better to replace them in pairs or alone?

This is a question that we answer regularly during telephone conversations that we have with our customers and we would like to argue our answers in this article.

More and more often, our sales consultants find themselves answering questions like this: “I have a broken rubber track, can I just take one or do I have to take the pair?”

The answer is: “Dear customer, you can only buy one for the emergency, but…

In the following paragraphs we will see the pros and cons of replacing single or pair rubber tracks.


Replace the rubber tracks yourself:

Here are the advantages/disadvantages of replacing a single rubber track:



  • lower investment
  • less time for replacement
  • uneven wear
  • tracks of different brands or different conditions
  • next failure of the unreplaced caterpillar


Replacement of 2 rubber tracks:

Below is a list of advantages/disadvantages of replacing rubber tracks in pairs:



  • better performance of rubber tracks and tracks
  • more resistance with the same wear conditions on both sides
  • the same technology and the same quality , both being Minitop products.
  • no


If only one track is replaced , the tracked machine is unfortunately at a disadvantage due to uneven contact on the working surface. The performance of rubber tracks will never be optimal and therefore also that of the machine on which they are fitted. This situation is evident in the case of tracked pallets of the typeminipala . For these applications, it is strongly recommended to replace the two rubber tracks due to their structural characteristics, the type of undercarriage and the intrinsic performance of the machine.



Given the major advantages of replacing tracks in pairs, Minitop recommends replacing tracks in pairs and keeping worn tracks in reserve in case of emergency . This is obviously our opinion as experts in the world of rubber tracks for nearly 25 years! However, the notice does not mean that it is an obligation and if a customer decides to buy a single track, we cannot dispense with respecting his choices.